De-cluttered Facebook Nesting Challenge

July 23 - August 19, 2018  |  Community Group Facebook Event  |  $99 All-Inclusive Access

Are you expecting a new baby in your life, but feel overwhelmed on where/how to start?! Me too!

If you're like me, your nesting hormones may be starting to take over. But getting ready for baby doesn't have to be a headache. Let's get the stress OUT before baby comes IN, together! Join me as I guide you through to peace, covering all the basics from A to Z so that you are prepared when baby arrives - de-cluttered style! Over four weeks, you will:

  • Connect with fellow moms-to-be 
  • Get inspired by our no-nonsense featured mama speakers
  • Accomplish weekly activities to get ready for baby
  • Discover organizational tips and tricks 
  • Get personal one-on-one access to me, your clutter coach
  • Find time to focus on YOU
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What to Expect From the Nesting Challenge


Connect With Fellow Moms-To-Be

Get the support you need in a private community Facebook group.Share your pregnancy experiences, ask questions, bounce ideas and more with an amazing group of women who are going through exactly what you are going through!

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teddy bear blankets and baby stuff

Accomplish Weekly Activities To Prepare 

Make the most out of nesting! I'll walk you through the projects that make life with a newborn easier, including baby safety tips, hospital must-haves, meal prep and more, whether its your first or third!



Get Organizational Tips and Tricks Specific To Your Nesting Needs

Who wants to focus on the stress of “where something is” when they have a new, precious baby at home? Join me as we de-clutter and streamline your home so you can focus on life with your new baby - not the stuff!

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Personal One-On-One Access To Your Clutter Coach

Have a million questions? Feeling overwhelmed? Get the guidance and support you need with personal attention, and we'll navigate the ups and down of nesting, together!


Find Time To Focus On YOU

Rest and relax on your schedule. Let's get everything done for baby in a timely manner that fits your life so you can breathe easy! 

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Featured Speakers

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July 23 - August 19, 2018 Agenda*


Week 1: De-cluttering The Space (You Can't Prepare If There's Stuff There!)

  • How to de-clutter and organize baby's sleep space
  • Why you should de-clutter any sibling's bedroom
  • How to de-clutter the playroom/toy area for new baby and your sanity
  • Suggestions on consigning/donating unwanted and unusable items in your area

Week 2: Preparing The Space

  • How to deep clean for baby
  • The de-cluttered nursery and what you REALLY need (AKA, not much)
  • Tips to store baby items efficiently
  • How to have a baby shower without the clutter

Week 3: All About You

  • Natural and Safe Products For Pregnancy and Beyond with Blogger and Beauty Counter Brand Ambassador, Windy Silver [Facebook Live video chat]
  • The Truth Nesting Mamas Actually Need to Hear with "Real AF" Life & Leadership Coach, Gervase Kolmos [Facebook Live video chat]
  • How to do those little things that make you feel like YOU before baby comes
  • How to transition from a maternity to post-pregnancy closet

Week 4: Hospital/Delivery/Home

  • The Essential De-cluttered Hospital Bag Checklist
  • How to ensure your well-being and home are taken care of before, during and after delivery
  • How to Find and Install the Perfect Car Seat for Your Little One's Needs with Certified Passenger Safety Technician (CPST), Mia Martino Howe [Facebook Live video chat]
  • Taking the Stress Out of the Childcare Process, with Owner and Founder of Your Happy Nest Nanny & Babysitting Agency, Bayly Silverman [Facebook Live video chat]
  • The Essential De-Cluttered Diaper Bag Checklist
  • The Must-Have Postpartum Mommy Kit

* Agenda is subject to change



De-cluttered Facebook Nesting Challenge

July 23 - August 19, 2018  |  Community Group Facebook Event  |  $99 All-Inclusive Access

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