Are you going to come in and make my house look like the inside of Southern Living?

I wish I could! Unfortunately, I am not a home style designer or typical home organizer. That means I will not suggest that you take a trip to the store to load up on organizational or storage tools. My job is to come into your home and not leave until you are surrounded by only things that you love, things that bring you joy and things that you need. This will simplify your life so much. By the time we are finished de-cluttering your home, you won't need those organizational tools (except to help with decoration or if they truly bring you joy). My theory is that what you love isn't clutter; when you only have what you need and love, you will no longer have clutter and everything left will have a specific place to call home. That's why I believe all those storage trays, boxes and bags won't be necessary!


Are you going to get rid of ALL of my belongings? What will I have left?

Of course not! We are only getting rid of clutter. This means duplicate items, items that are broken, unused, out of style or things that YOU no longer get any benefit from. Did you know that most people use 20% of their belongings 80% of the time? We will focus on going through that 80% of unused items and determine what needs to stay and what needs to go. You will be left with only things that you need or truly make YOU the happiest YOU that YOU can be!


Do you take the things I'm ready to get rid of? If so, where? 

I certainly can! If you prefer to take your items, you can do that as well - it is your choice. Throwing things into the landfill will always be my last choice. Most of the things we get rid of can be reused and recycled, so why not find it a good home?! There are countless consignment stores in the Charleston area and even more nonprofit organizations that would welcome your items as donations. Some of my favorite are Lowcountry Orphan Relief, Charleston Animals Society, Florence Crittenton and ECCO. To find a full list of consignment/donation options in the area click here.


    Why is there a difference in price?

    Depending on which area of your home we de-clutter will impact where all of your de-cluttered items will go. Rarely will all of your items go to the same place. Here is an example: 

    • Project: De-clutter your bedroom closet
      • Half of the items are in excellent condition and in current season: Consign. 
      • Women's professional clothing in acceptable condition: Donate to Dress for Success Charleston County. 
      • Clothing in decent condition and too nice to be thrown away, but out of season: Donate.
      • Extra miscellaneous items like storage containers, blankets and towels: Donate to a local shelter.

    So you see, this will require 3-4 trips of coordinating items to different drop-off locations that I will personally make to save you time. I will also keep track and deliver your tax-deductible receipts as well as direct any consignment sales to you so your job at the end is to sit back, relax and enjoy your newly serene space!


    What if I do not want to become minimalist? Are you going to convince me to become a minimalist? 

    I will never ask you to be anything you don’t want to be! This is your de-cluttering journey, and it is going to look different from everyone else’s - and that’s ok! I am here to support you and walk you through the de-cluttering process. I will never make you get rid of something you don’t want to part with. My role is to guide you through the process so that you feel lighter and relieved by the end of our session/s - not stressed! : )


    I am LOVING my new simplistic lifestyle. How do I get my loved ones to convert?

    I am so thrilled that you are happy! The best way to influence others is through modeling our behavior. Our loved ones will see that by having less, we are less stressed. They will notice how much easier and quicker it is for us to get dressed in the mornings, how we no longer search for our things and that we are generally happier. Chances are, then they will invariably want the same for themselves.


    I feel AMAZING after de-cluttering! But, I am scared that I will revert back to my old ways. How can you help me from feeling cluttered again? 

    I'll admit, I had to get used to my new simplistic lifestyle. It didn't happen overnight. However, every time I went to buy something I remembered how stressful it was to live in the shadow of that clutter. For you, think about all of the time and effort you put into de-cluttering your life and how free you felt without the clutter. Now, look at the item you are about to purchase. Is this something you need or something you want? Is this an item that will make your life easier or more stressful? Question yourself before you make the purchase. After your de-cluttering session/s I will also give you a personalized list of tips and tricks on how to stay clutter-free that will work for your personality and lifestyle. But most importantly, be confident in yourself - you CAN do this!


    Can I pay you to come sort my things for me? Do I have to be there?

    Unfortunately, no, and it's a simple reason why: I do not know what items are you absolute favorites - what you need, what brings you the most happiness, etc. What if I got rid of your go-to sweater that is a staple to your fall and winter wardrobe? Or your favorite platter from your Great-Aunt Abigail. You would be devastated. My job isn't to encourage you to get rid of everything. It is to help you determine what you can't live without, so that you only have the things that you need and that make you the happiest. Everything else will be properly and thoughtful removed for you.