12 Local Organizations to Donate Your Used Items


Something amazing happens when you de-clutter your home. A huge sense of accomplishment, relief, and freedom washes over you and you think, “Why have I waited so long to do this!?” 

As you pile all of your discarded items into the trunk of your car, you step back and admire the large pile with pride. Look at all of the items that you are removing from your house! You no longer have to clean these items, waste time searching for them, or clean around them. WAHOO!

You climb into your drivers seat, ready to drop off your donations, and suddenly realize…”Where am I actually going to take all of this?” The last time you took a donation to a big box donation center, you saw boxes and boxes overflowing with other people’s stuff, and you wondered where those items were actually going? Is there a place that you can make a donation and be reassured they get into the hands of families who truly could benefit from them?

The answer is YES, and many of them are in your very own community!

We’ve created an excellent list of organizations located right here in the Lowcountry, where you can donate your gently used items and help your community at the same time! 

To see the list continue reading here.